Essential pet products

I recently visited my local Dog’s Trust centre to just admire the adorable dogs that all needed a wonderful home. Trust me I had every intention to come home alone however when I saw Sandy patiently standing there looking out my heart stopped - I was in love.

Sandy settled in immediately and luckily for me needed little training. She was already house trained and knew simple commands. However I have been teaching her a few advanced commands and I use tasty dog treats to reward her behaviour as she responds well to food. 

As I was not expecting Sandy I did not have any essential supplies for her general care but I had great fun choosing her bed, bowls and dog food.

I brought a lead and collar from the Dog’s Trust centre when I collected Sandy; however I also brought a reflective dog harness which is great for allowing us to be easily seen when we take our walks in the dark evenings of the approaching winter months. The harness I brought has reflective strips however there are also harnesses that have flashing LED lights as well. 

Sandy loves dog toys and they are great for keeping her entertained and providing her with mental stimulation, however they never seem to last long as she is always intent on destroying them. I also give her the Nylabone rhino cone for the short periods she is on her own in the house which she is yet to destroy. I fill it with either peanut butter or biscuits so it takes a while for her to get the tasty treats from inside.

To help keep her clean and groomed I use the Furminator brush. It is great for her long, thick coat and removes her loose hair which has consequently reduced the amount of fur shed in the house. It is also effective at removing the mats that she acquires. Grooming is very important for her health as it improves blood circulation to the skin helping to keep the coat healthy. It also allows me to conduct a thorough health check once a week. 

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