After the Fast

We’ve just finished our five days prayer and fasting and I promised myself to continue eating less so I could really lose some weight. My other friends are also planning to do the same. Fasting is not just abstaining from food but also on doing other things that we really love like watching tv, smoking, drinking alcohol, playing computer games, etc. One of our friends really prayed hard to be delivered from his habit of smoking. He didn’t smoke during those five days and he didn’t also buy cigars even if he has several cigars discount offers. Offers that are hard to resist because cigar prices in our country have increased after President Aquino signed the sin tax reform bill (it’s the law that imposes higher taxes on tobacco and alcohol products). But we also prayed for his total deliverance, we know it is really hard to break from that habit and he really needs divine intervention.

Anyway, this year we are all expectant for a more abundant and fruitful lives. We believe God heard our prayers and we’re all ready to receive the blessings and miracles He has in store for each one of us.

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