Horse riding and safety gear

Horse riding is one of the most desired hobbies of people who are fond of horses just like my cousins. I’ve learned from my aunt whose family is now based in Canada that her two sons loves horse riding, they even join some horse riding tournaments in their place. We're happy for both of them, we also hope that someday they will make it big in this field.

Anyway, riding a horse is fun and a great outdoor activity but like any other outdoor or sports activities, the rider should follow some safety procedures. It usually begins with buying or wearing the appropriate horse riding outfits. One item that a rider must have is the helmet, a headgear is very important to protect the head from severe injury in case of accident. Another necessary item is the horse riding boots, they have special features that protects the rider's foot from sliding out of the stirrup. Also the riding boots are sturdy which can help protect the rider's feet when on the ground.

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