Remembering Old Times with Retro Candies

Tootsie Rolls, Necco Wafers, Mary Janes, Milk Duds and Root Beer Barrels. Besides being sweet and delicious, these candies have the nostalgic factor in common. The desire for retro candies has been growing in recent years, with people finding creative ways to share the favorite sweets of their childhood.

Many companies do a brisk business in retro candies. They can make a fun gift, especially for contemporaries who share your memories of another era. A birthday or anniversary might be a special time to provide friends with a candy gift basket from which sells baskets of all types of candies, including nostalgic candies. Other companies specialize in nostalgic toys as well as candies, capitalizing on that same desire for comforting, familiar memories of yesteryear.

Retro candies can add whimsy to cake or cupcake decorations for parties. Candy buttons, Good & Plenty and other small, classic candies can be placed on the borders or used to make designs. 

Nostalgic candies have also become a favorite at some wedding celebrations. Individual candy bars make great reception favors, or small selections of retro candies can be wrapped in mesh bags or bits of tulle and tied with ribbon. Some brides and grooms are even setting up candy buffets with an array of tasty favorites from which their guests can happily choose. 

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