A banana a day keeps the doctor away

Why you should eat banana daily? Here are some important uses of banana and its benefits to health.

1. Banana contains Trytophan which is converted to serotonin and  helps overcome depression. It has a low salt concentration and rich in potassium, this helps in reducing the risk to high blood pressure and also helps in preventing heart attack. 

2. Banana gives you more energy and sustain your blood sugar.

3. This fruit is the only raw food that can be consumed without distress to relieve ulcer mostly stomach ulcer. It works by preventing corrosive acid to affect the stomach. In digestion, Banana is a very good one. It contains Pectin which aid digestion.

4. Eating Bananas can help in healing your diarrhea. It can also be used for anaemia treatment. How? Due to its high rich in iron which helps in regulating the hemoglobin levels in the body of  man. The use of milk and Banana enhance weight gain. The milk provides you with protein and Banana provides you with natural sugars which is the major source to enhancing weight.

5. Eating Banana, your body is no-to-mosquito body. It helps in reducing the bite of mosquito. If you have a mosquito bite, rub Banana on the swollen or itching part and it will help reduce it.

6. Bananas contain some nutrients which make your body looks more younger. It is an Anti-ageing fruit. Avocados which contain Vitamin E and Banana (which contain some nutrients) mixed together rub on body and leave for some minutes and later rinse help fight radicals and repair damage.

Source: wordofhealings.com

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