Do celebs play bingo too?

by  damo1977  

When you’re in conversation with someone in a bingo chat room online, you never quite know who you might be talking to. As well as us ordinary mortals, there are probably some celebrity players online too.

And why not? Everyone likes the idea of playing a low-stakes game that could win you a stash of cash, no matter how much money you have in the first place. Of course, while a significant bingo win might make a tangible difference to your life, for a celebrity, it’s probably less about the cash and more about the entertainment value that they get from playing. Sites like have a huge range of bingo games to choose from, many of which can be played on a mobile or tablet – ideal for those times when you’re waiting for an appointment or travelling.

There are some celebs who’ve already told the world that they have a connection with bingo. Russell Crowe, one of the world’s most successful actors, was a bingo caller in his youth. If he hadn’t been sacked for changing the number calls to some racier versions, he might never have got his first acting break, and films like Gladiator might never have been made.

Then there’s supermodel Kate Moss and her acting pal, Sadie Frost. Apparently the two of them like the odd break from wild nights out on the town when they stay home instead with the kids and play bingo together.

And Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones may live a glamorous lifestyle, but she still professes to enjoy playing bingo. It’s more likely that she’ll play online at a site like 32red in the comfort of her own home rather than at an LA bingo hall, though.

Ex-Friends actress Courtenay Cox is also another fan of the game, apparently getting together with people like chat show host Ricki Lake and Paris Hilton for a few rounds of bingo.

There’s also a royal connection with the game of bingo. While Prince Harry seems to prefer the casinos of Las Vegas for his entertainment – remember those naked pics that were all over the tabloids a few years ago? – his older (and wiser) brother William used to be spotted in the Sandhurst bingo hall now and again, when he was doing his officer training at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

So next time you’re playing a few rounds of your favourite bingo game and enjoying the banter going on in the bingo chat room, have a think about what comments are being made and decide if anyone you’re chatting to might be hiding their fame behind their bingo site username!

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