Easy Steps in Hanging Sheer Curtains

You already know the multifaceted role of curtains in your home or office. The next step that you are going to do is to learn how to hang sheer curtains to bring out the beauty in your window while filtering in the light to remove the negativity from a dark room. A slight mistake in hanging sheer curtains can be disastrous to your home.

To start with, you need to have power tools such as drill, level and screwdriver to bore a hole. With the proper way of installing the curtain and valance rod, you are on the right track to give style and dimension to your bedroom, kitchen or living room. You don’t have to be a male to achieve a well-structured curtain rod.

To achieve the right dimension for your room, you have to measure the size of the window using a tape measure and pencil. Since sheer curtains are light, you need a café rod that is made of wrought iron or brass. The brackets are usually made of steel. They can be installed right on the French doors or window frames.

But if you are treating your windows with sheer drapes or sheer blackout, you can install a rod that is heavy to support them. The bigger the window is the heavier the curtain rod is. If you are hanging a valance with sheer curtains, you need to install the wall bracket with a size twice as the size of the valance brackets.

After you have measured and marked the location for the top bracket, do the same procedure for the second bracket. Make sure that they are aligned to each other by using a marker and level. Bore the marked areas where you will install the brackets and screw them tightly to avoid dropping the curtains. 

For grommet sheer curtains, you have to attach the curtain rings first to the sheer curtains before you mount them to the drapery rod and finally, they are ready to hang on the brackets. When hanging valance sheer curtains, you have to install them to the rod which you are going to attach to the brackets. Gather the fabric evenly to give a full blown effect.

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