Using E-Commerce Websites for Airport Lighting

When taking off or landing in an airplane at night, most passengers take for granted the amazing lighting systems that are needed to help guide the airplane safely off or onto the runaway. Without this lighting, it would be extremely difficult for pilots to land or take off. 

Airports need to maintain the lighting systems on their runways and across the airport facility for the purpose of safety. Managers of an airport, big or small, can find airport lighting at or other e-commerce websites. E-commerce is the ability to purchase goods and services online. E-commerce is on the vendor side, meaning the vendor has to supply the commercial programming and inventory to sell products online. Important items like airport lighting are available in massive inventory from e-commerce businesses. Here are central items an airport can purchase online through e-commerce firms.

Taxiway Lighting

The taxiway is the path the airplane takes that connects the runway to the hangar or terminal. These small paths might be more important when docking or leaving the dock, but they still play an important role in the visibility for the plane. For example, during low visibility weather, like fog, a plane would have a very difficult time being navigated through the taxiway without proper lighting. Taxiway lights are formatted so a clear path can be made for the plane. This means certain taxiway lights are formatted to be edge lights (showing the pilots where the edge of the taxiways are) and centerline lights (showing the pilots the straight line of the taxiway. 

Runway Lighting

Probably the most common lighting products any airport manager will need are the actual runway lights. These lights need to be in specially encased within a prism so that the weight and constant movement of multiple airplanes throughout the day do not damage the lights. Runway lighting helps pilots see the runway as they launch into the sky or land from the air. 

Approach and Threshold Lighting

These forms of lights are, under rules and regulations, high standard bright lights that warn the pilots that they are nearing the end of the runways. These are warning lights to show the pilot that they need to either be turning, slowing down, or be ready to take off. During the approach, the lights serve as the beginning of runways and help a landing plane's pilots aim toward the runway. Because of the importance of these lights, airport managers will need federally approved

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