Advantages of Contracting a Professional Pressure Washing Service

The exterior of a home and other structures on a property should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Traditional pressure washing doesn't provide a comprehensive cleaning that could be achieved with other innovative technology. Multiple steps need to be taken in order to properly clean a deck, patio and other similar wooden structures. 

The first step involves a pre-soaking application that consists of environmentally friendly soap. The soap slowly penetrates deep into the surface of wooden components. Additionally, the liquid agents loosen up dirt and debris in between any cracks and openings such as the floor boards. It may take a about an hour for the soaking treatment to effectively penetrate an entire deck or similar structure. Mold, mildew and other residue can be easily removed once the soap has completely dissolved and settled on the wooden surfaces. 

The second step of a power cleaning service involves a pressure washing application. Nozzles are used to carefully control the speed at which water shoots out. Rather than blasting away dirt with force, a controlled pressure wash gently but effectively rinses out debris. Handheld pressure washing guns allow professionals to accurately aim up close at specific spots that may have extra dirt and stains. 

A natural drying process is preferred after a pressure washing service for a deck or patio. On a sunny day, it may take just an hour for water to gradually evaporate from the wooden surfaces. After a patio has dried, a special protective application may be applied. Unique polymers are gently and uniformly sprayed all over a deck. These sealants essentially create a thin coating that prevents damage from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Additionally, the protective polymers might also resist damage from weather elements such as humidity and precipitation. Termites and other pests can be repelled by wood sealants.

Multi-step pressure washing can also be applied to walkways that are laid out with natural stones or bricks because a tremendous amount of dirt can build up in between the spaces of tiles and other paved surfaces near a home. All of the debris could be effectively removed with soap and power washing. Even the slightest cracks and openings in natural stones and bricks may be penetrated with an effective pressure washing that uses a soap application. Homeowners are encouraged to apply protective sealants on outdoor natural tiles and stones as well as wood.

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