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5 Tips For Creating a Romantic Night and Fun Dinner at Home

Valentines Day is just around the corner and maybe you're already thinking how to make this occasion really special. Here are some ideas for a romantic and fun dinner at home either for several couples or just for two.
Sensual Scents
Whether planning for one guest or several couples, let robust spices (think cloves, canela, cardamom and black pepper) help set the mood with the help of a standard frying pan. Toast the spices just to their smoking point, and the room will fill with an inviting--and delicious--bouquet.
Pairing Is Caring
When prepping for a perfect evening, pairings are a fun way to turn any meal into a special occasion and spice up the fun. Plan three courses and pair each with a small cocktail. A fun and easy way is to use one base spirit in three different ways.
Make It A Group Effort Let your guests in the kitchen and encourage them to enjoy the tactile sensation of the food as it is prepared. Start the party early and enjoy cocktails as you cook.
Forget the Utensils Feed…

Wear your Sunday’s best

Does God care what we wear to church? Maybe not but some people do. God is not distracted by what we wear but out of respect to our fellow believers we should dress appropriately because the way we dress can be a source of distraction to them. The church is not just a place where we worship God but it is where we also fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

To wear your Sunday’s best, here are some suggestions:

Choose a dress that’s flattering without being too showy. If you’re not sure if your dress is church appropriate, take a look in the mirror. See if you could you wear that dress to a club or dance, if the answer is yes then it’s not the right choice for church. Consider the length too, a too-short dress could become awkward when you stand up and sit down during worship. Check out some of the cute and sweet dresses from Zalora.

Pair your dress with beautiful shoes or heels. Just make sure you can walk with your heels comfortably.

For men, choose nice dress shirt, dress pants and tie. Select one that fits well without bulging out. Complete your suit or shirt and tie with a nice pair of men’s dress shoes.