Family Ski Vacations: 6 Tips for Success

Vacations are an opportunity to see and do new things. Ski vacations are an increasingly popular choice among families. They provide the opportunity for healthy outdoor activity, beautiful scenery and bonding. Here are six tips for helping you get organized and make your next family ski vacation an enjoyable experience.

1. Research important information ahead of time. Find out about amenities such as heated pools, fitness facilities and spas so you can pack the necessary items to enjoy the extras. It's also a good idea to call the resort to find out which areas are closed, which are open, and expected weather conditions. No one wants to have a Grizwald family moment upon arrival.

2. Most people with children know that the further in advance you prepare, the better. Ensure that everyone is packed and all necessary items are gathered and ready to go the night before your trip. That way you can have everything together and be on the road bright and early.

3. Skiing is a popular mid-winter vacation choice, so chances are the slopes will be packed. Arrive at your destination about a half an hour before the lifts open to get your parking, lift tickets and equipment settled before the crowds set in. 

4. Know what to save on and what's worth the money. Fancy accommodations at a huge resort are less important than finding affordable, high quality family-friendly lodgings at a smaller lodge. Ski lessons that are geared toward age or experience levels are well worth the extra investment. 

Book your reservation to start at the beginning of the week, rather than on a weekend; big holidays should be avoided altogether if you're trying to avoid crowds, long waits and higher rates.

5. Try to find information about local events that your family might enjoy, like festivals, fireworks displays and parades. Such things are a nice diversion and are free of charge. Many resorts also have specials on different nights and events that are just for the kids, as well as some that are adults only.

6. Timing can make a big difference in your enjoyment. Visit the restaurant, clubhouse and similar areas just before or after peak times to avoid crowds, long waits and dealing with hungry, grumpy children. 

Wise travelers can look for great deals on group ski packages Colorado vacationers will just love. A family vacation is the stuff great memories are made of. A lot of the stress of traveling with children can be avoided by advanced planning and remaining flexible.

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