Magnetic Jewelry for Pain Relief

While surfing the net, i went to this site after seeing an advertisement that features a magnetic jewelry for pain relief. I find their products interesting because their jewelries is nice gift idea. They are unique because you can use it as fashion accessories  at the same time as natural treatment for pain.

This magnetic bracelet is made of crushed hematite formed into ceramic hematite beads.  Magnetic bracelets are the strongest treatment for hand (arthritis tendinitis), wrist (arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel), elbow (arthritis, tendinitis) and shoulder (bursitis, tendonitus, frozen shoulder) on the arm they are worn.

Image 1

This is a copper bracelet using silver, brass and copper creates electrolysis between the metals as well as between the skin generating a mild electrical current that negatively ionizes the body thus reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

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