Make A Home Movie In The Easiest Way

Many times what happens is that you may have a lot of clips on your camcorder or mobile that you have captured and you want to turn them into a movie that will be just wonderful to the eyes of the viewer. You just have to follow the steps sited below for that. Use the super easy editing tools available on Movavi to create a video of your own.

1.      Install the editor on your computer by downloading it and then running it with the instructions given in the installation wizard.

2.      Now, open the software and add the audio or video files that you want to include in the movie you are going to make by just selecting the files after clicking on the “add Media File”. Movavi just supports any video format and as an added advantage, it gives you the option of adding the 3D effect to the video by selecting “Add 3D”. Adding an animated clip can also be done.

3.      Movavi has two modes for editing. The storyboard and the timeline. If you want to split, join or add filters and effects to the video, go for the storyboard. The timeline option is for the more advanced who like to add audios and title tracks to the movie.

4.      You can add the music, transition modes and titles very easily too. Click on the button saying “Fades” and choose the transition of your choice. Drag them and drop in between the clips in your storyboard. Music can be added to the video by just selecting the audio files and then dragging them only to drop the files to the working space given below. The program then will move to the timeline mode automatically. You can even make the sound to fade in and fade out by choosing the “Fade in/Out” option. The speed and volume choice depends on you as you can choose them according to your preference.

5.      For the title, just select the “title” option and type in the title you would like to add. Now when done, drag and drop the title icon to the titles track present. You can make the title stay at a side or corner or stretch them all over the movie. You can customize the texts by selecting the fonts, colors and size from the Settings.

6.      You can save the movie to your computer or give it some audience by sharing it to the web. Select the Save file option to save it or put it in the DVD from the burn to DVD option.

In just a few simple steps you can create a video of your choice with the help of Movavi. 

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