Are you fertile?

My friend is really hoping that she would get pregnant this New Year. It’s been three years since they got married and until now she’s not getting pregnant. She told me before that she has an irregular menstruation and she doesn’t know if she’s fertile or when she’s ovulating.

How about you? do you have the same concern?

Fertility is the capability to get pregnant or having a woman pregnant. There are many factors affecting fertility, these being lifestyle, family history, nutrition, age, medical problems, emotions, timing and hormonal imbalance. According to, a woman is considered fertile when she is ovulating which means her ovary is releasing the eggs monthly. Failure of releasing the eggs in women can mean a problem.
                     basal thermometer

There are ways to know when you are ovulating. You can use an ovulation predictor kit or OPK and BBT (Basal Body Temperature) thermometer in order to track your ovulation. These are both available over the counter for some reasonable price. If you like to get a free one, there are also free ovulation calculators online – some of them are available for download for all Android/iPhone users. One most natural way to track ovulation is by checking your cervical mucus, you are most likely ovulating when you notice an egg-white type of cervical mucus.

It is also important to see a fertility specialist to check for fertility issues if you have been trying to conceive for more than one year with no success.

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