Good Kitchen Lighting

To create a kitchen design that's functional and comfortable, good lighting is key. In many homes, large open kitchens become a multitasking space that's used by the entire family for cooking and dining, family meetings and entertaining. Proper lighting is essential for creating the best use of the space. 

Good kitchen lighting should include three types of lighting that provide proper light levels for functional and comfort: 

Ambient Lighting

Good general lighting, also called ambient lighting, is essential to a well-designed kitchen. It provides overhead illumination for the space allowing you to move around comfortably and safely. Ambient kitchen lighting should provide uniform levels of overhead lighting without harsh brightness or glare. Recessed lighting provides great ambient lighting for a multipurpose kitchen. 

Task Lighting

Kitchens are utilitarian spaces where specific tasks like food preparation, cooking, dining and reading are performed on a daily basis. Good task lighting should provide clear, bright light directly over each task area without causing shadows or glare. Under-cabinet lighting provides great task lighting for work spaces and counter areas, while pendants are perfect over kitchen islands and dining areas. 

Accent Lighting
102-48 Interior Eight Light Pendant By Corbett Lighting

Accent lighting creates a soft, comfortable atmosphere for the kitchen. Wall-mounted or recessed spots, uplights and picture lights are great for highlighting art objects and plants. Directional spots accent interesting architectural features like a brick fireplace wall. Wall sconces provide soft, comfortable lighting for seating areas. Although accent lighting doesn't provide functional lighting, it creates important ambiance for your kitchen.

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