5 Tips for Choosing Heating Services

Is your furnace clanking its last mournful tune? Here are just five things to keep in mind when hiring a heating service.

1. Stay Local

In the event of a freak snowstorm, you'll want a company who can be at your house before the frostbite comes. If you live in Cranberry Township, for example, choose Cranberry Township heating services.

2. Look for Experience

Never choose a company without several years of experience in HVAC. Not only will this ensure that their workers are old hands at heater repair, but they'll also have fairer prices and more courteous services.

3. Ask About Training

What kind of qualifications did the employees need to get hired? Did the company require a license, educational degree or any kind of apprenticeship training?

4. Look for Professional Associations

A good company is one with ties to the greater HVAC industry. For example, they might be members of the Heating and Cooling Contractors Association (HACCA) or the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association (PHCCA).

5. Examine Their Insurance Policy

Never let someone into your home without a guarantee against accidents, mishaps or plain old human error. If they break your furnace, will they replace it? If their repairs fail after a week, will they come back at no charge? Ask about these things in advance.

Winter can be brutal to those without heat. Make sure your heating unit is fully operational if you want to protect your family from rain, snow and chilly wind.

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