Expand the Home’s Use

The backyard is one of the most underused “areas” of the home. With so much space and so many benefits to explore, the outdoors offers several ways to entertain guests and provide ways to escape the heat. 

Patio Canopy

A patio canopy in the backyard provides endless possibilities: it can be a hideaway place to have tea and cookies, it can serve as a place to dine, it can become a place to sleep in the cool summer air, or it can be set up as an outdoor office. Whatever the use, a patio canopy essentially provides an extra room to the house that can be enjoyed outside. 

Private Patio

A patio of premium hardwood decking surrounded by trees and other forms of vegetation provides ample shade for an enclosed area. Shade can cool an area up to ten degrees. Shade can be accomplished by several manners: hanging pots, tall trees, terraces with climbing vines, or walls constructed with fabric. 

Meandering Stream

Water in the backyard provides an instant cooling sensation. Constructing a meandering stream that surrounds a central area to sit can provide a way to cool off the legs and feet. A few floating water fountains can be kept inside as well. Water flowing out of fountains refresh the air by cleaning up pollution. From water circulating with a few fountains, koi can be kept in the stream as well.

There are several things that can be done with the backyard. Consider the options and explore them. 


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