Pamper Your Pet

Your dog is a part of the family. You understand the old expression, "Man's best friend," because you and your pooch are inseparable. Your dog is there for you through thick and through thin, a companion that will never let you down. It's time to give your pooch a special treat. With a dog grooming business like Paw Print Inn, your puppy will get only the best. It's more than a trip to the groomer. It's a bit of luxury for a day. Your four-legged friend will feel like royalty by the time the visit is done.

Paw Print Inn Dog Accomodations

Tailor the Visit for Your Dog

When you visit Paw Print Inn, you will find that a host of options are available. Begin with a spa bath and move on to spa grooming. Throw in extras such as a blueberry facial scrub, a bubble bath pawdicure, or a hypoallergenic treatment. It's all about making your pet comfortable and pampered. Take advantage of special offers like a shed reducing treatment to make your life easier at home. Ultra-rich coat conditioner is ideal if your pooch has a long coat, the coat has been damaged, or it is extremely dry. You're sure to find grooming services that will work perfectly for your dog. By the time your pooch is finished, it will seem like you are bringing home a brand new pet. You love your dog. It's time for some TLC to show your pet how much it is appreciated.

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