Reasons to Choose an Air Jet for Your Tub

For decades, the air jet tub has been a symbol of luxury among those who have used water and water products as a means of relaxation. These versatile vessels have helped to improve health, entertain friends and make a statement in upscale bathrooms. It is important to understand how these tubs can help enhance your lifestyle so that you can make an informed choice.

Type of Massage

Oval TubsMany hot tub buyers mistakenly use the terms air jet and whirlpool interchangeably. The two types of tubs operate slightly differently. Whirlpool tubs are often installed in healthcare facilities to give patients deep tissue massages. They assist in healing damaged muscles, joints and back pains. In order to give deep tissue treatments, these tubs disperse aggressive, high pressure streams of water. Air jets focus on soft tissue massage. They help treat rough skin by opening the pores, increase circulation and, over time, may help improve the heart function. Both massages are important in alternative therapies. However, it is helpful to understand the benefits of both.

Multiple People

If you are entertaining guests or trying to find some romantic time alone with your spouse or significant other, air jets provide an impressive escape. Selecting an oval tub will ensure that two average size adults can fit in the tub simultaneously and comfortably. This is not often the case with standard size tubs, which may fit two adults standing. They would have a tough time sitting together in a standard tub, though.


Although appropriate accessories or special features can be added to almost any tub, there is more space to add these luxury items on an oval tub. Many oval tubs are drop-ins and fit into a rectangular base that has an oval hole cut in the middle. The extra space on the base provides many options for accessorizing. Additionally, the inside of the tub can be customized with seating ledges and textured surfaces to make it easy to stay in and get out of the tub.

Air jets would be a welcome reprieve from all the stresses that the average person might encounter in the course of a work day. They offer unlimited relaxation, a chance to catch up with spouses and friends and a chance to move beyond the realm of ordinary with the family bathtub. From the time you push the on switch until you drag yourself away from the pleasure of it, you will be in another world.

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