Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom

The bathroom is where so many people spend countless hours. Whether it involves using the toilet, taking a shower, applying makeup or giving the kids haircuts, the bathroom is undeniably a room that is widely used by everyone. Because so much time is easily spent in the bathroom, it's a good idea to make sure it's updated and looks nice. There are a few ways to make this happen. 

1. Paint Walls. 

A fresh coat of paint is an easy fix to any room. The bathroom is a room that doesn't always have windows. Because of this, it can easily become a place that's dank and dark. In order to avoid the stale look, try bright, airy neutrals to place on the walls. If you have a window or two, it's a great idea to try darker colors and experiment a little more. Just make sure to use a good coat of primer and choose a paint that works well in areas that get damp on a regular basis. Water-resistant paint is wise. 

2. Update Fixtures.

If you moved into an older home, chances are that the fixtures look dated. This is an incredibly simple fix. Go to your local home decor or department store. You can also visit the local hardware store to purchase lovely fixtures. Switch out the old faucets, doorknobs, drawer pulls and shower heads for an instant transformation. If you want to keep going, getting a new toilet isn't a bad idea at all. Opt for one that is good with saving water pressure to save money on the water and electric bills. 

3. Refinish Tub.

Over a period of time, a tub can look pretty dingy. If you're in an area with hard water, this can also play a role in how quickly a tub loses its vibrant appeal. It's not as easy to just throw on a coat of paint over a tub. However, it is pretty simple to pick up the phone and call professionals who complete projects involving tub refinishing Atlanta

Carolina's Tub Doctor

These are three great ways to enhance the look of your bathroom. As an added bonus, these ways are also easy on your wallet as well. Whether you decide to do one project at a time or complete an entire overhaul, these changes will certainly create a different and exciting look for your bathroom. 

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