Understanding the Need for Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing

When leaks and excessive amounts of moisture infiltrate basements and crawlspace areas it can lead to major repairs. Mold and mildew will take over, foundations crumble and begin settling wrong. You can end up looking at thousands of dollars in repairs by avoiding the problem.

How Can You Tell Your Basement or Crawlspace is Leaking?

The infiltration of water into a crawlspace or basement will make the floor areas wet and a moldy musty smell will develop over a short amount of time. Visual inspections of the basement walls, windows and any cracks from settling during periods of rain will show beads or lines of moisture if there is a leak. Metallic items that are in basements will also start to show signs of rusting if there is a serious water infiltration problem.It can dramatically effect the value of your home. 

Why Home Fixes Rarely Work

There are several areas that are common for leaks to occur with a basement or crawlspace. Fixing obvious areas might help a little, but hidden areas that remain leaking will make it seem as if your hard work was for nothing.

Are Leaks a Sign of Foundation Problems?

Leaks can be a sign that there are problems with a foundation. Areas that are settling unevenly, cracks and deteriorating walls can be a huge problem over a long period of time. The best investment you can make is to have an inspection done by a qualified expert in foundation repair. They will be able to give you an honest assessment of what is going on. They know where to look to find the hidden issues. An expert foundation and waterproofing will know to check all of the walls, floors, windows and every area in between.

Do Foundation Repairs Work?

There are many methods that work to fix foundations and provide adequate waterproofing. The cost is dependent on the amount of work that needs done, but they always try and find an affordable answer. It is worth getting a professional foundation contractor out to see what the best solution is for your home. 

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