How to Make a Movie with Movavi Video Editor

Most of the time, the original footage of the video that you record has a lot of mistakes that need to be edit out. There will be segments of the video that you want to edit prior to sharing with your audience. Movavi Video Editor gives you the ability to edit the videos in many different ways. With Movavi Video Editor, you can trim your video by selecting the video in the timeline and dragging the red marker line to highlight the part of the footage that you want to trim. When you are ready to trim, click on the scissors tool that appear on top. The scissor tool also allow you to split a video into half so that you can insert footage in between.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to create a professional video with the addition of transitions. Transitions add animated effects as one slide proceeds to the next slide. You can add transition effects in the video by selecting the transitions tab on the left. The transitions are arranged into many different categories such as featured, circle, geometric, warp and zoom. You can preview the transition effect in the right preview pane. You must drag the transition you have selected onto the space in between the clips where you want to add it in the timeline. You can adjust the transition parameter in the Settings panel.

Movavi movie editing software allows you to add text at the time when the video start or end. Text and captions can be added to each of the individual video clips. If you want to add text, you must select the T tab on the left and select the text style. After that, you must drag the T icon to the area in the timeline where you would like to insert. The text will appear for the entire duration of the video clip. You can split your video into several clips if you want the text to only appear for the duration of a certain video clip. The text can be customized in several ways including font style, outline color, outline style, font size, and alignment.

Movavi Video Editor offers a basic video enhancement tool that can quickly fix your video. You can make your video clips look brighter or darker with the enhancement tool. The clips in your video can be rotated. If your video appear to be a bit shaky, you can use the stabilize tool to reduce the motions of your camera so that you can provide a more clear and smooth footage for your audience. You can select from a variety of filters to add special effects on your video.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add your own music track into the video. The audio level of each of the music track added into the timeline can be adjusted. If you want to add audio track into your video, make sure you did not violate the copyright by using a copyrighted music track without permission. The music track that you add into the video can be trimmed just like trimming a video.

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