Less Conventional Sports for Kids

Not all kids are into football, basketball and other sports that are considered to be more conventional in American schools. If your child is still looking for the right sport, there are some unconventional activities that still promote physical fitness and healthy competition. Your child may thrive by participating in one of these less mainstream sports. 

Ice Hockey 

There are both boys and girls ice hockey teams that allow children to show their skills on the ice. From passing the puck to blocking and scoring goals, this sport has many thrilling aspects that are exciting to players and spectators. You may have to invest a fair amount of money for skates and equipment, but the payoff could be worth it if your child ends up loving the game. 


Even though some schools offer swim programs, this activity is still considered less conventional than other sports. Once your child develops the proper skills, he or she can enter races and compete against other swimmers in the same age group. If your child’s school doesn’t have a swim program, you can sign him or her up for private swimming lessons at a public pool in the area or with a local swim club.


Archery is ideal for children who don’t enjoy rough physical contact and are looking for a sport that requires great mental focus. With the use of a bow and arrow, your child will aim to hit the center of a target during archery tournaments. Even though archery isn’t considered so much of a physical sport, the hand, arm and back muscles still get a good workout. Some schools even have archery programs, but children need to sign up for lessons at a local archery range in most instances. 

These less conventional sports still encourage staying physically healthy and can instill a better sense of self-discipline in children. By finding the right sport, your child can participate athletically while pursuing academic excellence.

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