Tips for New Cat Owner

It’s easy to get caught up in the excited anticipation of bringing home a new cat and neglect to do some pre-planning before arriving home with your new friend. Failing to prepare for your new addition can cause you and the cat some unnecessary stress. There are some tips you can follow to help assure that you're well prepared for your cat's arrival. 

Go Shopping 

There are some basic supplies you should purchase before bringing a kitten or an adult cat home. You’ll need to buy the basics such as a pet carrier, litter box, litter, food and water bowls, food, toys and a scratching post. You can help your cat adjust to living with you more easily if you have the litter box and feeding area ready for them when they arrive. Having an assortment of toys can prevent your cat from becoming bored.

Cat-Proof Your Home 

Cats are curious and potentially dangerous mishaps can occur if you don’t take steps to cat-proof your home. If you have houseplants, check to see if they are toxic to cats. If so, put them where your cat can’t get to them. Store all potentially harmful items, especially products such as gum that contains xylitol, chocolate and all medicines in a location your cat can’t get to. Also, keep all cleaning products and insecticides in a safe location. 

Medical Care

It's a good idea to have a veterinarian such as those at veterinary hospital Vancouver wa examine your cat before you bring it home or as soon afterwards as possible. A vet can guide you through the basic types of vaccines your cat will need, help you determine the best type of flea and tick control for your cat and address any questions or concerns you have about basic cat care. Preparing for your cat before its arrival is beneficial to both of you. Cats like routine so it’s best to establish rules and schedules and stick with them so that you have a happy cat.

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