Things to Expect from a Montessori Math Program

When your child's education is important to you, you do the best you can to put them in a school that helps them succeed. Montessori schools continue to enjoy growth thanks to parents who are finding their methods are beneficial for their children. Montessori math materials, for example, seek to help students master the subject without fearing it or coming away without understanding its importance and concepts.
Here are three things to expect from a Montessori math program.

Math is Abstract

In a Montessori school, math is celebrated. Even though math is made up of abstract concepts, the achievements the subject has led to among humans does not go unrecognized. The ability to count, complete mathematical problems and understand the relationships numbers have with each other is a big step. Students learn and work with enumeration, the decimal system and arithmetic tables as well as fractions, positive numbers and computation.

Children are Naturally Curious

The Montessori Method capitalizes on their student's natural curiosity. Schools that follow this methodology believe that children are actively attempting to make sense of the world that surrounds them. This is evidenced when students begin to recognize patterns, sequences and similarities. In a way, children are building their internal order, and order can easily come from the concepts taught within math. Arithmetic is addition, subtraction and multiplication plus division. Once a student gains confidence with arithmetic, they are introduced to geometry and algebra.
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Sensory Phase

During the sensory teachings, students are prepared for math and language. Geometry is taught by utilizing Montessori math materials that focus on spatial relations. Sizes and shapes are used in a manner that helps students understand and compute volume and surface. These materials lead into algebra where numerical rods are used for learning algebraic concepts. Monomial, binomial and trinomial cubes that represent geometric shapes also serve a purpose during algebra lessons.
A Montessori education offers several benefits. montessori math materials are incorporated so students can learn concepts with confidence while understanding how each can be used in their every day environment and life.

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