3 Reasons Why In-Home Assisted Living Is Worth Considering

Your mom is getting older, and you are not feeling great about her living alone. You thought about having her move in with you, but you don't have the time or energy to give her the care and attention she needs. You are considering moving her into an assisted living facility, one that will give her comfort, space and medical care when she needs it. The problem is mom doesn't want to go live with strangers and is insisting on staying with you. There are in-home assisted living programs that may be worth looking into for three reasons.

1. Keep Mom at Home

The older someone gets, the more resistant they are to change and the less likely they will adapt well. Moving an aging parent out of a home they may have lived in for decades is terrible enough, but then placing them in a facility with strangers may have dire consequences. Check out assisted living at home services to help ease the transition of living alone. These services may work so well, mom may be able to stay in her own home longer.

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2. Reduce Stress for Everyone

Your family life is pretty booked up, and adding the constant care and attention of an aging parent to the mix may increase stress tenfold. Aside from the burden placed on your mom by the move there exists the daily pressure of being a caretaker to an ailing parent. Having someone come to the house helps take that burden off.

3. No Long Drives to Visit

One thing you don't want to do is leave your mom feeling alone. If you find a residential facility, you'll want it to be within a reasonable drive. It is not, however, always a guarantee you'll be able to find something you like that is that close. Keeping mom home with help means you won't have to worry about loneliness setting in.

In-home assisted living provides the services you need where and when you need them. Keeping mom comfortable in these older years is of the utmost importance.

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