Glamorous Eyemakeup is Back

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There's a very hot trend in beauty these days and it's trend that's really a throwback to the great trends of years gone by. Today, the glam eye makeup look is very hot, as it's a look that really highlights one of a woman's best features, her eyes. A look back at some of the most glamorous photos from Hollywood's heyday shows the eye makeup look that's coming back in full force today. This look can be found in an eyelash salon jacksonville beach fl, or in salons in New York, Seattle or Los Angeles. The fact is that glamorous eye makeup has returned and women everywhere are embracing this trend, just as the big stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe did in years past.

Hollywood Looks Are In

Today's eye makeup look is ultra glamorous and incredibly flattering. The look was inspired by classic Hollywood but has come back again through the theatrical flair of stars like Kim Kardashian, who doesn't hold back as far as the eyeliner and eyelashes go.

The look goes all out as far as accentuating the beauty of a woman's eyes, and setting them off almost like sparkling jewels. For this look, the top of the "frame" around the eye is the eyebrow, which is why this look outlines the eyebrows with a pencil, in a way that is very stylized. The eyebrows should be plucked to form a shape and then outlined with a pencil and filled in to look full and definite but not too dark. Eyeliner should be applied on the top of the eyelid and under the eye, and finally, eyelashes should be applied to give the look extra "oomph."

This very glamorous look can be made darker for evening wear, and a little lighter for daytime. Regardless when a woman wears this style, she's sure to be turning heads with her very glamorous style.


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