Turn my mourning into dancing

March 9, 2019 will be the 18th year of my right leg's amputation because of an accident. I still remember that day, the day when my life totally changed. The day when I thought I made the right decision, the day when I thought I was strong. Today, everytime I encounter pain and difficulty I'm all the more discouraged and lonely. I have so many "If Only" in my mind. But I know I can no longer correct my mistake, and I have to live with it. Only by God's grace I was able to face the truth, the truth that what's done is done and I just have to use my situation to inspire others so I could forgive myself and live with joy and gladness. 

Lord turn my mourning into dancing, help me and give me opportunity to share your goodness in my life. That I may glorify You all the days of my life. 

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