Taking Care of Your Guitar

Playing the guitar is a great way to express yourself, and you can take it just about anywhere. However, proper care is essential. Here are ways you can make your guitar last and keep it sounding great.

Have Extra Strings Handy

Generally, you can use a guitar string as long as you want, up until it breaks. When a string does come apart, however, it’s helpful to have an extra set of strings around. You can easily find strings online, usually at affordable prices, and most music stores should have a variety of different kinds available. Just be sure to pick the right strings for your instrument!

Keep it Clean

Even if you wash your hands every time before picking up your guitar, they can still leave behind body oils and other substances. Using a cloth to clean your strings is a simple way to prevent buildup, and if you want to clean your frets, use a small cloth or a toothbrush with soap and water. To clean the finish, specialized guitar polish is the best choice, as other liquids could cause damage.

Store Your Guitar in a Case

While a guitar bag can be useful for keeping out dust and humidity, a hard case has the extra advantage of protecting your instrument from damage, e.g. accidentally banging a tough surface. While they may make carrying your guitar slightly heavier, their added protection is more than worth it, and most come with a handle for easier carry: some even have straps, if you prefer carrying your guitar and case on your back.

For Major Jobs, Find Professional Repair

If your guitar suffers heavy damage or its pieces begin to wear out, then your safest bet is to contact a professional. Find somebody who services guitars in your area, e.g. by typing in boston guitar repair or wherever you happen to live into a search engine or, better yet, a reputable review site like the Better Business Bureau.

With a guitar that’s properly cared for, you’ll feel more than comfortable strumming to your heart’s content.

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