5 Tips For Creating a Romantic Night and Fun Dinner at Home

Valentines Day is just around the corner and maybe you're already thinking how to make this occasion really special. Here are some ideas for a romantic and fun dinner at home either for several couples or just for two.

Sensual Scents

Whether planning for one guest or several couples, let robust spices (think cloves, canela, cardamom and black pepper) help set the mood with the help of a standard frying pan. Toast the spices just to their smoking point, and the room will fill with an inviting--and delicious--bouquet.

Pairing Is Caring

When prepping for a perfect evening, pairings are a fun way to turn any meal into a special occasion and spice up the fun. Plan three courses and pair each with a small cocktail. A fun and easy way is to use one base spirit in three different ways.

Make It A Group Effort
Let your guests in the kitchen and encourage them to enjoy the tactile sensation of the food as it is prepared. Start the party early and enjoy cocktails as you cook.

Forget the Utensils
Feeding someone can be a loving, playful proposition (especially sans fork). In Mexico people love to entertain with botanas--small bites--that incorporate foods indigenous to the region like seafood and black beans. Reconnect with your partner over a selection of botanas like plantains, garnachas (a small fried masa topped with pork or chicken), mushrooms, or fresh cut fruit. Watch those teeth.
Remember to Relax

All you need for a romantic night at home is good food and good company. So remember to relax, have fun and don't get too caught up with planning.

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