Tips to Organize Mom's Morning

Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom these organizational tips may help you to get a fresh start to your day. Here are some ideas that should make it easier -- especially if there are school-age children in your family.

· Ask your kids to choose the next day’s clothes the night before and lay them out ready to go. Don't forget the shoes and socks.
· Post all reminder lists in the bathroom, this room never gets missed even during the most hurried days you'll be sure to see them each morning.
· Kids need help to jog their memories. If they need to bring an item in school, tie something in their bag as an easy reminder.
· Have each child place his or her bag by the door the night before. If you’re a working mom organize your briefcase the night before and place it by the front door or in the car.
· Television is the great family-time killer. Limiting both your own and your children's television viewing will greatly increase the amount of time you have available to spend with each other.
· Place a clipboard near the door for permission slips, letters to be mailed, or prescriptions. You might want a clip for each member of your family.
· Put your coffeemaker on a timer so your wake-up brew is already made when you wake up.
· Put a large basket somewhere near the door. It can be used for all items that need to go somewhere. That makes it easy to grab the whole basket and throw it in the car as you leave.
· If you need to take a perishable item with you, place your home or car keys along with the item. When you grab your keys, you will remember to take the item along.
Classes in schools will start two weeks from now, my world will be rattled again each morning, good thing I have these simple tips to help me organize and start my morning light and easy!

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