Unique gift for Mothers

It's not too late to give gifts for moms this mother's day, and if you haven't found one why not try this one! I spotted the cutest digital photo frames for mom over at Gearlog today, and I have to say, I'm thinking about getting one. Digital frames all do pretty much the same thing, so why not get mom one that has interchangeable faceplates?
Memorex will be releasing two digital photo frames next month with a 7-inch LCD screen that can display photos at a 480 x 234 resolution. Images can be uploaded to the frame via USB, and it has extra card slots so you can also view photos stored on your memory cards.

Memorex says mothers and grandmothers will love the Special Occasions Digital Photo Frame which includes four interchangeable inserts: one with a silver metallic finish and three with wedding, baby boy and baby girl motifs. Those who want a more casual look might like the Floral Digital Photo Frame which has a trendy blue silkscreen floral design that pops out on a brown frame.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this product. It's really something new and different. A great gift for all kinds of occasions :)