Tips for working moms

My friend Malou has been working for 10 years now. She often talked about how exhausted she is by the time she gets home. She said she has little energy to prepare dinner, clean the house, or do much of anything. She also thinks that her tiredness is causing her to miss quality time with her two kids.

I know a lot of working moms can relate to her situation. I myself am experiencing the same. So how can we make more time for our family? How can we as working moms cope?

Trying to find the stamina to balance your family and work responsibilities is quite possible the greatest quest of all. Try these steps to gain a little energy and reclaim your sense of control over your schedule.

STEP 1: Take care of yourself first. Hard as this sounds and I've said it before, much as we'd like to think we can, we simply cannot have it least not all at one time. Bear in mind, you can craft a life that has pieces of everything you want and find great happiness. However there's nothing like a sick child to remind you that often, we must focus more energy on one responsibility while others take second place.

So the first key to your success in both demanding roles is to operate in full health. Get back to the basics by eating right, taking a multi-vitamin, getting moderate exercise on a regular basis and yes, a 30 minute brisk walk every day at lunch time counts, and getting enough rest to function productively. Not only will you feel better but your family will also benefit as you make healthy choices at the grocery store that translate into healthier children. Taking time to exercise shows the value you place in treating your body with respect, and this is a lifelong habit your family will be very grateful to have learned very early on.

STEP 2: Delegate. Starting with your partner, revisit your traditional household responsibilities and see if there is an even distribution of tasks overall. If there is an unequal equation, see if you can work together towards new solutions. Be willing to switch things around based on availability of both partners and see if there is some breathing room. And by all means, look closely at your family budget and see if you can afford maid service. Truly, there is not one working mom out there who would rather clean a bathroom than relax with her family at the end of the day or on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. If you can't afford it now, look for ways to work it in as you earn pay raises in the coming year. This is one expense you won't regret making a me!
Don't forget what matters to you most...your family. It is an honor to be a mother so take the very best care of yourself that you can so you are up to the challenge and able to enjoy the rewards!


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