Back to work... back to school

The long vacation is over everybody's back to work and school today. Once again we're back on our daily routine, one of the hardest part of it is to wake up at 4:15 am everyday especially now that we have a very cold weather it's really hard to get out of bed and take a shower! brrrr...This morning my husband has to carry our son from his bed to our living room just to wake him up. ^_^

While my kids are excited to go back to school to see their classmates again, i'm super lazy naman to go back to work hehehe.. but whether i like it or not i know i have to report to work again. So it's start of another busy days for working moms like me. May we have enough strength to face our daily chores and responsibilities today and always..


  1. Hi Mommy Elves you can contact directly to the sponsors to claim your prizes. If they will not contact you back just contact me and I will be the one to contact them. OK?

  2. Hi Mommy Elves, yes you can use ur layout on this blog but I have to do some changes for the header cause it don't match with your blog tittle here. So I might be able to send the codes to u next week because I am busy this week.. I have to accompany my husband to his chemo therapy....

  3. Thanks Mom Gen :)

    Hi Designer's Chic. Thanks so much! I understand I'll just wait for it :)