Quick relief for stress

Stress is a serious office concern, and many office workers and employees do not realize how stress can hurt their job performances, especially efficiency.

In my case, as a working mom i handle too many pressures almost everyday (both on my job and at home) which causes too much stress on me! How about you, are you in similar situation? Oh well i found some helpful tips that i want to share with you, here are some simple ways of dealing with stress.

• Remove sugar from your breakfast, if not from your whole day. Sugar can make you sluggish, and impair your mental processes; this is especially crucial for those in white collar jobs.

• Increase your water intake. Staying hydrated will not only have health benefits for your body, but will also keep you from feeling restless and dry.

• Instead of coffee take green tea. While caffeine can stimulate and keep you awake, there are certain health problems associated with its excessive intake. Green tea on the other hand contains antioxidants and other good nutrients.

• Be concerned about your sleep debt, and don’t oversleep on weekends. Your body needs a regular sleep schedule, and besides, it is not possible to compensate for sleep debt by oversleeping you’ll sluggish and tired.

• Don’t sleep with the TV on. The noise may cause you to have a restless, non-refreshing sleep.

• Get a massage; your muscles stimulation as you don’t use them at a desk job.

• Focus on your breathing and study alternative breathing techniques that can de-stress you at desk.

• Indulge in treatments which can help you detox or relax. Pampering yourself is one of the best ways to increase efficiency.

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