My brother's homecoming

We’re supposed to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen yesterday but our movie date was postponed because we have to be at my parents place to meet my brother, he came back home yesterday from Dubai. At around 7 pm he arrived safely, we're all thankful that he's safe and in good health.

My kids, his nephews and nieces were all excited on their “pasalubong”. They all wanted to have PlayStation 3, but the wannabe PS3 players got different toys instead. But inspite of not receiving their requested PS3 the kids were still grateful for their gifts.

We just had dinner and a little talk. We want to hear more stories from my brother about his experiences but our time was short, we know he needed some rest and we all need to go home as well to prepare for work and school the next morning. Maybe we can continue with our chit chat next weekend.

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