Shiloh Pepin- The Little Mermaid Girl

Have you seen this little girl on youtube? She’s Shiloh Pepin known as the “Little Mermaid Girl.” Shiloh Pepin was born with rare congenital deformity called Mermaid Syndrome or Sirenomelia.

Sirenomelia is a lethal birth defect of the lower body characterized by apparent fusion of the legs into a single lower limb giving the appearance of a mermaid's tail. The condition only occurs in one of every 100,000 births, with persons passing within 48 hours of birth.

Mermaid Girl Shiloh Pepin became famous when a recent documentary was made about Sirenomelia. Shiloh Pepin is one only three people in the world surviving with sirenomelia.


  1. ayyy..i am wondering kong panu xa iihi...kakawa ang ganito pero at least may ngmamahal sa kanila

  2. she's a happy little girl chuchie. good thing that she's okey.

    ui. exlinks naman tayo with my blog, please?

  3. mommy elvz... parang error yata yung last comment ko ah. di ko lang sure. hehe.

    as i was saying, i am happy that the little mermaid seems to have a happy life kahit papano.

    have a great day and hope we can exchange links with my blogs: and

  4. Hello Chie! I think she underwent some operations para maging normal sya on that part.

    Thanks Maxivelasco for dropping by .. Oo nga she's enjoying her life naman with the help of those who love her :)

  5. Kakalungkot when something like this happens. Hopefully she'll live a long life kahit she has the mermaid syndrome.

    Happy weekend!

    Mommy J

  6. I have seen the documentary of this little girl.
    Elvz, musta na?

  7. She looks so happy
    So what she has her legs fuesed
    You know what shes having the time of her life and thats all that matters
    She is so cute
    If I was her mother
    I would say to people
    I dont care how my daughter looks like. because as long as shes happy im happy. she looks so happy swimming. i wish i had raised her