Shiloh Pepin “Little Mermaid Girl” on Oprah

Remember Shiloh Pepin? she was on Oprah Show last week! I wasn’t able to watch it live so I’m looking for youtube video of Oprah’s interview with Shiloh. I read in the news that Shiloh used her interview on Oprah as an opportunity to drop the bomb that her parents are divorcing. How sad..

Anyway, Shiloh Pepin known as the “Little Mermaid Girl” was born with rare congenital deformity called Mermaid Syndrome or Sirenomelia. Sirenomelia is a lethal birth defect of the lower body characterized by apparent fusion of the legs into a single lower limb giving the appearance of a mermaid's tail. When she was born, doctors gave her 72 hours to live, and now she's 10, and still strong and alive.

Shiloh Pepin is one only three people in the world surviving with sirenomelia, the oldest being Tiffany Yorks who had her legs separated and is now 21-years-old. Mermaid Girl Shiloh Pepin became famous when a recent documentary was made about Sirenomelia.


  1. I am not an Oprah watcher and missed this episode- though I have met this wonderful young lady briefly. From what I have pieced together I think there were many layers at play. Maybe being in the actual spotlight with the audience and other parts of the taping that got cut out and thrown to the floor helped reflect poorly on her demeanor.
    Shiloh has learned the fine art of deflecting. I don't think Oprah's questions were helping her feel comfortable. Oprah's 'bedside' manner has become lacking. In her few short years, Shiloh has learned to advocate for herself. We can all take a few lessons.


    link with clip of Oprah/Pepin

  3. My husband and I saw the TLC episode about Shiloh late this evening. After watching it we both felt a plethora of emotions. It really touched us of how a ten year old girl handled her condition so maturely. We were both so moved of how strong Shiloh's will and drive was. It was most certainly the most moving show we have seen in a long time. If we were able to have the opportunity to ever speak with Shiloh we would want to tell her of how she inspired us and that no matter what disability you are born with that nothing in life could hold you back from overcoming any obstacle. She is a beautiful mature woman and she is a heroine to us. (If you ever read this..) Thank you Shiloh for letting us see your life. It has truly moved us and helped us to really appreciate the lives that we have been given by God. Never give up girl because you are an inspiration to so many.

  4. Shiloh Pepin Passed away today Oct 23, 2009 after coming down with a cold that led to pneumonia, then kidny failer and blood infection, Shiloh you will be missed always loved and never forgoten love u baby