Installing Velvet Drawer Liners

If you have always wanted velvet liners in your drawers, they are actually straightforward to install. By following a basic process, anyone can have perfect velvet drawers. 

Gather Your Materials

Make sure you get the velvet pieces you want. It would be best if you also got a spray adhesive. The last thing you will need is a piece of cardboard or thin wallboard. 

Cut the Board

If you are buying hardboard, you will need to cut it down with a saw. If you are using cardboard, you can cut it at home with a razor blade. While cardboard is cheaper, hardboard will last longer. Cardboard pieces should never be glued together or placed next to each other. Make sure they will fit in the drawers you want to modify in one piece. It is a good idea to leave some wiggle room when you cut the board. 

Apply the Velvet

Cut the velvet to the same size as your board. Spray one side of the board with adhesive. Carefully apply the velvet. Smooth out the liner and make sure it sticks. If there is extra velvet over the edges, flip the board over and spray the backside. Then, you can fold any extra strips over and stick it to the back. The back is less important, so it can be rough looking. The velvet is very forgiving, and you should be able to do this process easily. 

Install Them

Set your velvet boards inside your drawers. You could also add a second liner on top for a little extra cushion. You may also want to add some ring holders or special cushions for your pieces carved from antler. Once you get your drawers perfect for you, you can move in. 

Installing velvet in your drawers is easier than you would expect. This is a quick process that involves minimal work. Plus, you can add other options once you finish your liners. This makes your drawers completely custom and perfect for you. 


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